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The Georg-August-University of Goettingen was founded in 1737 and is one of Germany’s most reknown universities. It is located in the medium-sized town of Goettingen (about 130,000 inhabitants) in the German state of Lower Saxony. Today the university has about 23,500 students from more than 110 countries who are enrolled in 13 different faculties: Agricultural Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Economic Sciences, Forestry and Forest Ecology, Geosciences and Geography, Law, Mathematics (including Informatics), Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Social Sciences, and Theology. Today the university employs about 500 professors and 2,500 researchers, both numbers stressing the university’s strong focus on research activities. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 1952 as an independent research institution. From the early 18th century until 1952, agricultural sciences were taught in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Today about 1,100 students are enrolled. 24 % of the students are from abroad from more than 70 different countries. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences consists of three departements: Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, and Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Goettingen belongs to Germany’s leading research institutions in the field, thus competing mainly with similar faculties at the universities of Hohenheim, Bonn, Giessen, and Kiel. Bachelor and master degrees have been introduced as early as 1999. The study program allows students to specialize into plant sciences, animal sciences, resource management, agribusiness management, tropical and international agriculture, and economics and social sciences in agriulture. In recent years, the International PhD Program for Agricultural Sciences in Goettingen (IPAG) and the PhD Program in Agricultural Economics have been introduced. The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development employs eight professors. It is one of Germany’s leading research institutions in the fields of agricultural policy, agricultural markets, resource economics, rural development, international agriculture, marketing for agricultural and food products and management in agribusiness. In recent years, a strong emphasis has been placed on research into the determinants and the efficiency of the design and management of agrifood chains.
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